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General Contracts

Porto Offices

Rua do Rego Lameiro, Nº 38

Postal Code
4300-454 Porto

+351 225 190 300

+351 225 191 261


Lisbon Offices

Rua Mário Dionísio Nº2

Postal Code
2799-557 Linda-a-Velha

+351 214 158 200

+351 214 158 700



The Group is represented in Brazil since 2009, beginning its operations in the area of transport concessions, through LINEAS, integrating the consortium of the Marechal Rondon-Leste road concession, in the State of São Paulo.


For the area of traffic telematics services it was established Tracevia Brazil, in 2011.


More recently, by the end of 2012, Mota-Engil acquired a stake in Empresa Construtora Brasil (ECB).


Mota-Engil Colombia was established in 2011 by the evident need to improve the transport infrastructures which perform a key role as supporting element of the country’s strong growth. Targeting the road, railway, port and mining sector, the company’s mission is also market researching and supporting the entrance of other business areas of the Group in this country.


Currently the company is developing an important design and construction contract of approximately 10,000 classrooms in the country’s western region, in the Antioquia - Eje Cafetero - Pacífico area and Caribe 1 area, apart from the construction and management of infrastructures and buildings in different regions of Colombia.


The presence of the Group in this country began in 2008 with the construction of the Autopista Perote-Xalapa, for which was established Constructora Autopista Perote-Xalapa, SA de CV , with equal participations of the companies Mota-Engil, Engenharia e Construção and Isolux Corsan, and the respective Concesionaria Autopista Perote-Xalapa, S.A. de C.V., subsidiary of Ascendi.


Seeking to assert Mota-Engil as a relevant company in its areas of operation in Mexico, it was established Mota-Engil México SA de CV in 2012, company which operates in several States of this country.


The Group entered Peru in 1998, by acquiring the company Translei, established in 1986 and targeting the provision of engineering services related with earthworks and works inherent to exploration of mine concessions.


In 2010, Translei was named Mota-Engil  Peru, beginning the diversification of activities, not only in the scope of engineering and construction but also in the port area.


Currently, Mota-Engil Peru is one of the companies with higher technical expertise in the Engineering and Construction area holding the concession of the Port of Paita, the second largest in this country.


Mota-Engil starts operations in Chile with a commercial representation office to support its clients in Latin America, expanding in 2016 its activity, starting operations in this market with the award of a repair project in the Antofagasta port, the world’s largest copper producing region.


In order to make a relevant step towards its growth in this market and seeking to develop partnerships, Mota-Engil  takes on a strategic vision  focusing on the region’s largest mining companies.Mota-Engil is also prepared to execute large dimension projects in the infrastructure and environment areas, with the purpose of conquering new challenges.


After a market assessment work, Mota-Engil starts operations in Paraguay in 2016, with a contract with the Ministry of Public Works and Communications to design and build the passengers’ public transportation system between Asunción and San Lorenzo.


This is an iconic project for the region, marking the entry of Mota-Engil in this market, where the Group will continue assessing other similar projects with the purpose of expanding its presence in the country.

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, Mota-Engil starts operations in 2016, after ensuring a construction contract of part of the urban project “Ciudad Juan Bosh”, an initiative consisting of a city model economically sustainable with modern infrastructures to create education, cultural, sports, commercial and leisure areas, benefiting 25,000 families.


Thus, Mota-Engil is involved in another development project, contributing to the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of thousands of people. Mota-Engil Group’s goals is to continue operating in this market, expanding its intervention in the infrastructure and environment business.


In 2015 Mota-Engil entered the market of Aruba, after being awarded the Watty Vos Boulevard road concession, later expanding its portfolio in this market with the Green Corridor concession.

Mota Engil no Mundo
Mota Engil no Mundo

A growing New World

Mota-Engil has been present in Latin America since 1998, having started up its activity in the region in Peru, over the last 17 years making a growing investment in the development of its technical skills which enable Mota-Engil Peru to be, today, a key company in this market.
Believing in the potential of Latin America, the Group fostered the expansion of its presence in the region, towards markets such as Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia, executing key construction projects in various Engineering and Construction technical areas, also having in its portfolio highway concessions in
Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia in a network of more than 800 km.
In Mexico Mota-Engil is developing infrastructure projects of significant scale in different technical fields such as construction of highways, the Guadalajara underground, hospitals, and other buildings. In Brazil, through ECB, based in Belo Horizonte, we are expanding operations in areas of road and railway infrastructures, having started recently operation in the Environment segment.
With a very significant growth in recent years, the Group has an Order Book close to 2.000 million euros in the areas of Engineering and Construction, also
having investment underway or being assessed in the areas of Environment, Logistics, Energy, and new Road Concessions.


Mota Engil no Mundo
Mota Engil no Mundo
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Paraguay
  • Chile
  • Dominican Republic
Mota-Engil Group or Subsidiaries
1,942 M€
Million of euros
order book 2015
700 M€
Million of euros
Turnover 2015
76 M€
Million of euros
Mota Engil no Mundo

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