Corporate Profile

Firm: Mota-Engil, SGPS, S.A.

Legal form of the company: Sociedade Anónima (Sociedade Aberta), cotada no PSI-20,principal índice da Euronext Lisbon, desde 2005

Address: Rua do Rego Lameiro, N.º38, 4300-454 Porto

N.I.P.C: 502 399 694

Equity Capital : 237.505.141 Euros

Working in 28 countries and 3 continents, Mota-Engil concentrates its operations in three geographic poles – Europe, Africa and Latin America– guaranteeing in each market the same standard of rigor, quality, capacity of production and scrupulous execution that made possible to assert the Mota-Engil Group internationally.   

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