Mota-Engil Active School

The MOTA-ENGIL Active School is a strategic project directed at employee enhancement through the development of skills critical to the success of the business and people, while encouraging and stimulating a spirit of life-long learning for people of various generations and from differing countries. 

The MOTA-ENGIL Active School has developed its initiatives through different schools, each with its own distinct, though complementary challenges:

MOTA-ENGIL Active School – Culture and Values, designed to disseminate and reinforce the Mota-Engil values and culture among the staff throughout the various business units and markets where the Group operates, divulging and extending knowledge about the Group's fields of operation and specialisation.

MOTA-ENGIL Active School – Management and Leadership, providing training programs and initiatives involving distinct learning solutions, enabling to accelerate the development of the Group’s management and leadership skills.

Through the development of the Group's Human Capital MOTA-ENGIL Active School views itself as a tool essential to the sustained creation of value, one that will ensure the competitiveness and solidity of the Mota-Engil Group in the long term.